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Angler II


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Polarized Sports Sunglasses with side view filter. Available in Amber or Sports Yellow. 

Our Boss - Stephen, would rather be fishing than selling Sports Glasses, we know what we are talking about here. EyeLevel polarized glasses - tried and tested - will help you spot fish in the water.

All EyeLevel Polarized Sports Sunglasses offer great performance at a price that all anglers can afford.

The World fishing Network said it all here, "We have seen anglers wearing polarized glasses since the early days of professional fishing, and there are some good reasons. Over the years just as lure, rods, reels, and techniques have evolved for sports fishing so has the evolution of polarized lens technology. Fashion and image are important factors to some anglers, while others want to obtain an advantage by seeing structure and even fish. Many anglers wear them for eye protection as well. As with all products, technology, research and development, marketing along with supply and demand has caused the price to fluctuate of the needed eyewear that anglers rely on. In this generation, we have seen extremely expensive glasses and we have seen the prices began to drop due to competition and manufacturing productivity. However regardless of cost, the polarized sunglasses have become important parts of an anglers gear for safety as well as productivity while on the water." 

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